About Music 4 Life®

At Music 4 Life®  we practice healing mind, body and spirit. And sometimes that means transforming B.S. – Belief Systems™ to support healthy lifestyles.  We empower people to be responsible for their health with easy, accessible, inexpensive programs and products. Music 4 Life® facilitators teach user-friendly life skills through Music Therapy, Music Medicine, Drum Circles and Wellness Circles, merging the Life of the Senses with the Life of the Spirit.

Beethoven’s thoughts mirror Music 4 Life’s mission.

“Music is the Mediator between the Life of the Senses and the Life of the Spirit.”     — Ludwig Van Beethoven

Music 4 Life® has captured the essence of music medicine.

“People take music for granted, but it’s instrumental in getting us through the day. It’s not something you can capture in a bottle and use as medicine, but in a way you can.” – Natalie Cole

Now you can heal and gain energy with the most revolutionary music products on the market. Why waste time when you can get started with Music 4 Life’s do-it-yourself approach to managing your emotions today? Books, music, accredited programs and self-assessments will help you become more productive, energized, happier and peaceful. Start enjoying life now creating your own Music Medicine Pills™!

The first step is understanding yourself, and how you relate to music. There’s a lot more to “tuning in” than simply flipping on the radio. Learn how to trust your musical instincts by following Music 4 Life’s Music Medicine formula. You’ll experience the full range of emotions – and feel better – in no time.

Researched since 1986, Music 4 Life® programs and products have been shown to:

  • Reduce trauma
  • Diminish stress
  • Minimize anger
  • Reverse depression
  • Lessen anxiety . . . and much more.

Thousands of people have experienced healing at the hands of Music 4 Life® programs and products. Think you’re emotionally balanced? Take the on-line self-assessment to understand the music that will help improve your health. Is your emotional curve healthy? Discover how to use your own music library to enhance your health. Visit Music4Life.us and become a member to access the self-assessment and more.

Maybe you’re already emotionally balanced. Music 4 Life® programs and products can help you maintain that balance and find joy and enthusiasm where you never thought to look!

Are you a physician, nurse, therapist or counselor? Music 4 Life® empowers health professionals to realize their potential by developing music listening habits intuitive to personal and client needs, expanding music across cultures and generations, and providing an organized, adaptive music classification system with a new three-part research-based paradigm.

Become a Music 4 Life® Wellness Partner:

  • M4L Advisors are wellness stores, coaches, and credentialed health professionals trained to refer to music as a resource for health with standardized M4L product applications.
  • M4L Specialists are pre-qualified credentialed health professionals trained with clinical applications.
  • M4L Practitioners are pre-qualified board-certified music therapists trained with clinical applications in active music making sessions and customized home CD programs.

 Music 4 Life® Advisors

Music 4 Life® Advisors are trained to recommend Music 4 Life® in their community as a resource for health, referring to the on-line self-assessment for effective stress management tools. Trained Advisors have completed Music 4 Life’s Music Medicine Boot Camp™ (accredited by Nevada State Board of Nursing) and provide Music 4 Life® products to customers and clients.

 Music 4 Life® Specialists

Music 4 Life® Specialists are trained to apply Music 4 Life® standardized music medicine CDs for their clients as a resource for health, referring to the on-line self-assessment that empowers people to use effective stress management tools. Trained Specialists have completed Music 4 Life’s Music Medicine Boot Camp™, have ordered required Music 4 Life® products for their use and application, and completed 1-2 hour additional training specific to their specialization.

Music 4 Life® Practitioners

Pre-requisite: Music 4 Life® Advisor training. Music 4 Life® Practitioner training is nine months of applications and treatment processes for standardized music medicine CDs and production of customized home CD programs. Practitioners complete extensive training to become members of the Music 4 Life® Practitioner Network. Pre-qualify by completing the Music 4 Life® Advisor training. Practitioner trainings vary in length of time dependent upon background and healthcare certification with CMTEs pending through CBMT.  Practitioners in the Music 4 Life® Practitioner Network may be contracted to participate in employee tele-health that support prevention and treatment consultations provided through on-line corporate wellness programs.

No matter what your age or occupation, choose Music 4 Life® programs and products to feel better now.

  • Take the free self-assessment to understand your current emotional balance and what to do about it.
  • Buy Music 4 Life® training books and music to expand your music collection into an organized health system.
  • Listen to the Music 4 Life Radio Show or download podcasts on iTunes.
  • Purchase the MAPP MEE™ Self-Assessment Tool Kit to get a jumpstart on a customized MEE™ cd.
  • Attend a Music 4 Life® program.
  • Become a Music 4 Life® partner to help your clients and customers.

Visit Music4Life.us for more information and download products and programs at MentalFitness.Music4Life.us.

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